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Let me help you enjoy your life to the fullest! I provide you the support and guidance needed to help you improve your overall physical fitness so you are able to do the activities you enjoy. Personal Training isn't just for athletes. I will work with you to help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be! Maybe you don't know where to start or have special needs? I can help. I will provide simple work-out equipment to get you started.


Training times and location are flexible!

Exercise in your home/workplace/backyard, my home studio, the gym, or online

at a time that works for you – it’s “personal” training after all.

Consultations are complimentary. Let’s meet to discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit for each other. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Individual Training Session Options


1/2 hr Packages

"Let's Do It!" Package

1 hr sessions

Designed for your fitness goals and abilities. Includes dynamic warm up and flexibility cool down


1 hr Packages

Getting Started


6 Sessions

I'm Committed!

Geared towards a specific goal, i.e. core, strength, balance/gait, flexibility

1/2 hr Sessions 


9 Sessions


13 Sessions

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